A PUB is to change its sign back after a furious response from a resident.

Angry Beryl Chowns, 60, from Thame, became annoyed after seeing the new sign of the Nag's Head, Upper High Street, Thame.

The owners, brewers Morrells of Oxford, had changed the sign from a horse's head to that of a grumpy granny.

Mrs Chowns complained to Thame Town Council about the pub, which is now changing the sign back.

She said: "There is obviously a lack of respect for elderly women in this town. The sign was insulting and this is a victory for women, young and old."

Town clerk Pat Kingsnorth said: "The council thought the sign was discriminatory and sexist. It was quite offensive."

Pub owners Morrells said the sign had been intended as a joke but some people had got the wrong message and plan for another sign.