The last few years have been a very worrying time for all animal centres, as apart from dogs, more and more kittens and cats are being bought from unscrupulous ‘breeders’.

Like the dogs, these cats are forced to produce continuous litters to the detriment of their health and their kittens. 

Most of the time their living conditions are poor, small and overcrowded. Rescue centres have been chock-a-block with animals, as due to this problem, homing has been very slow resulting in fewer needy animals being taken in and a lot of pressure on their resources.

People in the UK own more cats than any other animal, so do choose wisely, research the background, do look at rescue websites. 

At RSPCA South Bucks, all animals are vet-checked, micro-chipped, vaccinated and neutered where appropriate. Unlike the ‘farmers’ who charge ridiculous prices, we ask a modest sum which does not cover our costs, but the animals are always our prime concern. We do not put healthy animals down. 

Finally, we are delighted that at last this legislation is about to come into effect to the lasting benefit of all animals.

Joan Johnson, South Bucks RSPCA