A charity that provides vital services to young people in Wycombe is in desperate need for more volunteers to join them so they can continue their work. 

The Youth Enquiry Service (YES), which is based in Frogmoor, High Wycombe, currently helps around 700 young people a year with free counselling and sexual health and wellbeing services.

In a typical week, around 20 young people are seen for either a counselling session or assessment – but volunteers at the service fear that if they cannot get more people on board to run the sessions, they could be left unable to help all those in need. 

Jeanne Steward, who is a volunteer at YES, said they hope to double the current number of volunteers – 21 – so they can continue to provide their vital service, but even ten new additions would make a huge difference. 

She said: “More volunteers would mean we could always be open when we say we are going to be. We do have a waiting list, and to be able to really get that waiting list down would be great. 

“We have had some tough times in the past, where we wondered if we could continue or not, but at the moment we feel like we are on the up. If we could just get some more volunteers on board, we would be able to do even more.  

“We used to see more people about sexual health matters, but for this generation, it is usually mental health.

“And we know there is a huge need for counselling. We see some very sad cases. 

“The pressures on young people in this day and age are huge. Children are our future and we need to look after them.”

If you can volunteer your time, go to www.yeswycombe.org/join-us