The first low emission hybrid-drive train is set to come into service on Chiltern Railways services next year in a bid to reduce pollution.

The first Class 165 HyDrive train is due for completion by late 2019 and will serve passengers on Chiltern Railways routes, including commuter routes between London Marylebone to Aylesbury.

The train company predicts passengers using the Class 165 HyDrive could benefit from potentially reduced journey times, due to the improved acceleration offered by the hybrid technology compared to its diesel-only counterparts.

And when the hybrid system detects proximity to stations or depots, it will turn the engines off and run on its battery, removing gas and noise emissions from populated areas.

The project could see a “significant” reduction in in CO2, NOx and noise emissions. The need for maintenance will also be reduced compared to diesel-only trains, with remote diagnostics used to ensure that the hybrid system is working correctly.

The train’s new range-extender engines, designed to drive generators to charge the traction battery which delivers power to the traction motor, will be “smaller and more efficient” than the existing engines and will comply with the latest emission standards.

The battery will be recharged by the vehicles new regenerative braking system.

The train company is working with Angel Trains – a train leasing company - and Magtec to deliver the project.

Dave Penney, managing director of Chiltern Railways, said: “Chiltern Railways strives to be at the cutting edge of innovation in rail and our partnership with Angel Trains means bringing this technology to the market for the first time, which will have a positive environmental impact.

“The Class 165 HyDrive will reduce emissions and help us be a better neighbour as well as answering the government’s challenge to reduce carbon emissions from the railways.”