Why does magic work? How are our hearts fooled into believing something that our brains know simply can’t be true? 

Britain’s Got Talent Finalist, Jamie Raven, is setting out to answer these questions while giving audiences a rare insight into how magicians do what they do - and he will be wowing the crowds in High Wycombe next month.

He hopes to take audiences on a journey through the magical world in which he operates in his new show, Making Magic. 

Together you will explore the answer to how and why magic works, and what it means to so many different types of people. However, as with everything that he does, things are not always as they seem.  

Jamie burst onto the scene during the 2015 series of Britain’s Got Talent and as well as dazzling the audience and viewers at home, he even managed to convince Simon Cowell of his skills. 

He has been perfecting his craft over the past 13 years working as a magician around the world and his ambition was always to take it to a wider audience - and BGT finally gave him that chance. 

His online videos from Britain’s Got Talent and other subsequent performances have now been seen more than 450 million times, making him one of the most viewed magicians in the world today.

Jamie is no stranger to performing his tricks on stage in front of delighted audiences.  

In November and December 2015, he headlined The Illusionists at The Shaftesbury Theatre, which went on to break the box office record for a limited engagement and in doing so became the most successful Magic show ever in the history of London’s West End. 

In 2016 and 2017, he took his own one man show on a tour across five countries, playing 120 shows across 105 different venues.

Away from the stage, and Jamie had had a whirlwind career since he came runner up on Britain’s Got Talent.

Amongst other exciting projects in a very busy 24 months, he was asked to film a series of tricks for BBC Sport, at football grounds up and down the country to highlight the “Magic of the FA Cup” which aired at half time of the televised matches in each round. 

The BBC also invited him to perform as part of “Bruce’s Hall of Fame” in which he was able to pay homage to one of his childhood heroes – Tommy Cooper.

He was launched as the online face for Talk Talk, promoting their ‘Amazing things you can do with £10’ campaign.

He was also asked to perform an incredible illusion in which it was “Raining Money” inside Westfield Stratford, to launch the “Now You See Me 2” movie.

But one of his personal highlights was scooping an invitation to perform on stage alongside Sir Richard Branson at the world famous Fillmore Theatre as part of the celebrations of the inaugural Virgin Atlantic flight to Detroit.

With his feet firmly back on the ground, Making Magic comes to the Wycombe Swan on October 21. Go to wycombeswan.co.uk for information and tickets.