A Gerrards  Cross school celebrated its 110th anniversary in style - with a family dinner and a special assembly.

Staff and pupils at Gayhurst School marked the special occasion, which also coincided with the 10 year anniversary of co-education from an all boys school.

Following a celebratory, family roast dinner with specially designed cup-cakes for dessert, the children and staff welcomed the grandson of the school’s second headmaster, Captain Stormont Gibbs, who was responsible for bringing the school to its current Bull Lane site in 1927.

David Harrod led a special assembly, delighting the children with his tales, memories and pictures of Gayhurst through the 30s, 40s and 50s, many of which included his grandfather or his mother, who was the first female pupil long before the school went co-educational.

Capt Gibbs, whose name is carried by one of school’s academic houses and also the main hall, was hugely influential in making the school what it is today.

His memoirs about his service in World Word I, have been edited into a book entitled ‘From the Somme to the Armistice’, by one of his former Gayhurst pupils.

Following Mr Harrod’s trip down memory lane, the year 6 pupil leaders gave a short presentation to the rest of the school about life in 1908.

They looked at different areas of history such as transport, architecture and fashion.

After the assembly the whole school gathered, wearing their commemorative t-shirts, in a 110 shape to be photographed from above.

In further celebration of the school’s history, an alumni association known as the Gayhurstian Association (GHA) has been formed.

Current headmaster, Gareth Davies, said it was a “fitting celebration” of the school’s long and proud history.

He said: “It is so important that current pupils gain an understanding of how the school and society have changed over the last 110 years.”