Plans to build new homes on a residents’ car park in Marlow have been thrown out.

Red Kite Housing wanted to change the car parking area in Foxes Piece, off Little Marlow Road, into six two-bedroom town houses with integrated parking, later changing the controversial plans to two pairs of two-bedroom semi-detached houses and a pair of three-bedroom semi-detached houses.

Angry residents hit out at the community housing association, saying it had ploughed ahead with the plans despite their concerns about parking.
Red Kite also suggested vehicles, which would normally park in the car park, instead park in Maple Rise and Little Marlow Road – which was met with further criticism, with residents branding it “absurd”.

The housing association said it had commissioned an independent car parking survey at Foxes Piece, which reportedly showed that parking within the development site was only being used up to 43 per cent of the time, which means there was “sufficient parking capacity” in the immediate area.

But a letter from the highway development management at Bucks County Council said if permitted, the development would be likely to lead to additional on-street parking to the “detriment of public and highway safety”. 

The letter said: “Marlow is severely constrained with regard to spare capacity within the highway network to accommodate additional on-street parking. 

“As such, Buckinghamshire County Council would not support any development that would worsen the existing problem.”

Residents said they were “very pleased” and that the news was “absolutely fantastic”.

A resident who did not want to be named, said: “Justice has been served. Everyone who objected worked very hard to stop it happening. We are very happy. Common sense has prevailed.”

Wycombe District Council said in a statement: “The council has recently refused a proposal for housing on the former garage site at Foxes Piece Marlow for two reasons. 

“Namely, the unacceptable impact displaced parking would have on on-street parking within the estate and in neighbouring streets; and secondly the applicants failure to address ground and surface water flooding issues arising from the development.”

Red Kite spokesman Julie Gamble-Kempe said: “We are looking at the reasons this planning application was rejected and will be submitting an amended version as soon as we are confident these have been addressed.”