A Marlow couple took their vows in front of their loved ones after meeting and falling in love at a sheltered housing scheme.

Gaynor Kirkwood and Alan Misri met at their Red Kite homes in New Court, where they had both been tenants for around seven years.

Gaynor, 75, said: “We used to meet in the laundry room and say hello, or we would see each other in the garden, but it was only last year that we went out to lunch together with another couple.”

And Alan added: “I asked her out again and that was it, we started going out together.”

After 46 days of dating, Alan bought a ring and, after getting permission from Gaynor’s son Timothy, he popped the question.

The pair have now swapped their two studio flats for a one-bedroom home in the town.

Gaynor added: “I had been a widow for 28 years and never thought I would want to get married again, but we just knew. It was just right.

“We are so happy, and it is lovely that everyone else is happy for us too. Who would have thought moving into a Red Kite home would help us find love.”