Some people may have to pay more for services within adult social care, such as transport and home care, as the cash-strapped council attempts to make huge savings.

A consultation into the potential changes is set to start on Monday, however Bucks County Council says charges will only be increased for people who qualify to pay for their care.

The cost of 13 services are being reviewed, including a daily increase of £2.10 for day care and a weekly increase of £50 for respite care and 30p for the telecare landline system.

Transport charges could also increase from £12 to £15.50 for a return journey.

Residents with £23,250 or more in savings and investments – around 25 per cent of all adult service users – will be asked to pay the full cost of care they receive.

The charges are expected to save BCC £105,000 per year, after it was revealed in July it had already bust its budget for the financial year by more than £1 million.

Cabinet member for health and wellbeing at Bucks County Council, Lin Hazell, said: “Every year, we look at what we charge eligible customers for social care so we can be sure we receive enough money to pay the bills for these services.

“Most people [around 50%] who use these services do not qualify to pay any charges at all, and some [around 25%] only pay a small fraction of the actual cost as a contribution.

"For those that do pay we have tried to keep the increases as low as possible, as we know that incomes have to stretch much further these days.

“But like everyone else we too have to provide more with less. We want to make sure vulnerable adults living in the county get the support they need to live more independent lives.

"I would urge anyone who has a view or is concerned about the proposed changes to let me know by completing the survey."

Those who use the council’s adult social care services are urged to take part in the consultation by visiting the ‘have your say’ section on BCC’s website -

The consultation ends on Friday, December 10