A pilot has been rushed to hospital and another man injured after a helicopter crash.

Two men were pulled from the training helicopter at Denham Aerodrome after it nosedived shortly after 3pm today.

Pictures from the scene appear to show the helicopter upside down on grass with people rushing towards it.

Eyewitness Daniel Taylor, 39, said: "The pilot managed to get himself then he collapsed on the ground.

"Side of his head split open. Blood was running down his face.

"In a matter of minutes a crowd of about 30 people started to gather.

"The workers at the ground were trying to usher people away saying there was nothing to see.

"I turned around to one of the workers and said 'Nothing to see? A helicopter had just crashed. What do you mean?'

"It wasn't a big helicopter - it was a small one they call a Grasshopper.

"It's obviously gone round too quick, come down and smashed to pieces.

"There were about four or five ambulances which turned up. It turned into quite the scene."

Eyewitness Steve Pace, 44, a conflict photographer, said: "I was visiting my grandfather at the nearby Denham care home and popped into the Aerodrome to enquire about pilot lessons.

"When I entered the site I noticed a training helicopter at low height making left and rear movements.

"I was at the desk at the time when I heard this loud thud.

"I rushed outside and saw the helicopter blade fly in the air.

"Several other crew members also raced to the scene. They managed to get the pilot out and he seemed to be conscious.

"The crew seemed to know what they were doing in treating.

"The ambulance quickly arrived to the scene.

"It was quite a dangerous situation to be in as the tank could have blown up at any given point."

Another eyewitness said: "I live about 800 yards away.

"I literally got in from my front door sat and sat down at the table when I heard this loud boom.

"It was a massive boom.

"The pilot's head was split and there was blood pouring all over his face.

"He was not in a good way.

"I've just been waiting for this to happen."

A spokesman for South Central Ambulance Service said: "We received an emergency 999 call at 15:07 reporting a training helicopter having crashed at Denham Aerodrome.

"We sent an ambulance, a paramedic team leader in a rapid response vehicle, a Tactical Advisor and the Thames Valley Air Ambulance to the scene.

"There were two male patients in the helicopter - one had sustained minor injuries and the other serious, but not life-threatening injuries.

"The second patient was taken to Wexham Park Hospital by road after initial treatment at the scene; the patient with minor injuries was treated and discharged at the scene."

A spokesman for Denham Aerodrome refused to comment.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch confirmed it is investigating.