This week, Beaconsfield MP Dominic Grieve writes exclusively for Bucks Free Press readers:

2018 is a year when some momentous centenaries take place and I will be honoured to be in Beaconsfield for the Remembrance Day service.

After four years of war, the moment when the guns finally fell silent must have been astonishing.

The huge toll of life can have left very few families untouched, my own included.

So, there will be personal memories as well as gratitude to those who paid this sacrifice.

The day after Remembrance Sunday, the UK Parliament begins a week which invites all our communities, particularly young people, to get involved and to play a part in our thriving democracy.

It is part of the UK Parliament’s Vote 100 programme and will celebrate the centenary of women being able to vote, as well as other significant events in the development of our democratic system.

Earlier in 1918, women over 30 were given the right to vote, subject to property qualifications.

A decade after that, all women were permitted to vote.

By that time, the first women had taken their seats to serve in Parliament. The legislation to enable this was passed just ten days after the Armistice, on November 21, 1918, and women exercised their right to stand in the General Election on December 14, 1918.

The right to vote for both men and women was hard-won and it is still evolving.

For that reason I have been involved locally and nationally in the campaign for a People’s Vote as part of the Brexit process.

Whether this will happen I cannot say, but, if there is stalemate in agreeing a deal, then we need to be open to the involvement of all the electorate in attempting to reach a resolution.

This is not a case of erasing the past two years, but of giving everyone a voice.