Travellers have set up camp in Marlow, reportedly leaving human excrement behind.

A number of caravans and lorries have been spotted at the Liston Road car park, with residents saying they moved in over the weekend.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said: “This is the fourth day they have been there and no-one has been able to do anything.

“There is human excrement everywhere – and it’s just 10ft from some properties. It is also causing havoc for Waitrose and there have been punch ups. It has astounded me.”

Another resident, Sue Mayne, said she went to an event at Liston Hall on Saturday and was “shocked” to see two caravans and two lorries in a corner of the car park.

She said: “They got in by driving across the pavement where the recycling bins used to be.

“I hope that no more arrive overnight as parking in Marlow is difficult [enough] without travellers taking up loads of places and not paying for parking.”

Wycombe District Council spokesman Sue Robinson said the council is aware of the travellers and is “taking steps to move them on.”

She said: “We have called in the police and the Gypsy and Traveller Service who are both actively working with us to remove them from the car park.”