Plans to demolish a house in Beaconsfield and build a block of five flats in its place were given the green light last week – despite residents’ concerns it is “out of keeping” with the area.

South Bucks District Council’s (SBDC) planning committee met on November 7 to discuss the proposals to demolish 70 Ledborough Lane and build a 2.5-storey apartment block.

The plans were deferred by the committee in October – after councillors raised concerns the 21-day consultation inviting residents to comment on the proposals was still ongoing.

Objecting to the plans, resident Matt Chambers said the planned development “is of great concern locally” as it does not conform to the “character of the unique woodland road”.

He said: “Of the many objections, people are not adverse to development.

“This is about appropriate development and development in keeping with the character of this unique woodland road.

“This is an area that has been designated as a special character area and is defined as a woodland road.”

Julia Riddle, from developer, Castle Planning, insisted concerns raised during the consultation process have been addressed – which is “reflected in the positive report to committee” by planning officers.

She said: “Prior to the submission of the application we engaged in a process of pre-application with SBDC to identify any matters of particular concern or consideration both to the planning and technical officers.

“These particularly included discussions in relating to trees and landscaping to, make sure the development responded to [concerns] from the very outset.”

Councillor Trevor Egleton recognised residents’ concerns over changing the “look” of the road from detached homes to a “flatted development”, however added “we have to consider how planning has moved on over the years.”

He said: “I am very conscious of the fact we are now required to provide more dwellings per acre than we have ever provided before and flatted developments are appearing all over our district now, more than they were 10 to 15 years ago.”

The committee agreed to delegate the final approval to head of planning on the condition a section 106 agreement for affordable housing is decided with the developer.

A section 106 agreement is funding negotiated between councils and developers, with cash earmarked for social and community projects, including affordable housing.