Graffiti is being blitzed in the Wooburn area following an upsurge in the 'art' over the past few months.

The tunnel in Watery Lane, the flyover at the end of Boundary Road and the Glory Mill sign are just a few places that have been targeted, as well as a number of houses in the area.

Police have been visiting schools to try and get information on the culprits.

Officers have also been brought in to patrol the Wooburn area at around 1am in the mornings and plain clothed officers are being used.

Sergeant Jamie Smith speaking at this week's parish council meeting, said: "We want to try and reassure everyone, as much as we can, that we are addressing the issue.

"I know it makes the area not look good but it is an area of crime that is hard to detect unless you catch them in the act.

"We have done a lot of work in the area regarding provision of services in and around Wooburn Green, which makes it upsetting that graffiti is happening."

He added: "I am fully behind supporting any initiative to tackle graffiti and anti social behaviour in the area."

Annette de Jong, who lives in Boundary Road, Wooburn Green, and is a fashion merchandiser, has been a victim of graffiti twice in the last two months.

She previously lived in Harrow, before moving to the area in December 2005 and said that Harrow council would remove graffiti as soon as it happened and this led to there not being a problem in the area.

Mrs de Jong said: "When I moved here there was nothing on the tunnel of Watery Lane and this year the graffiti has just appeared.

"The council have got to be on top of it and get it cleaned up. You can buy anti-graffiti paint and other things like that.

"Also I believe if they cleaned it all off in one week and every time it happens, made it disappear again, that will soon get rid of the problem."

Since February there have been 75 reports of graffiti in the Wycombe district.

Wycombe District Council (WDC) has recently purchased graffiti-removal kits to be used by Police Community Support Officers, waste and cleansing officers and parish councils in a bid to tackle the issue.

Joanne Mass, spokesman from WDC, said: "We are currently working particularly with Wooburn and Bourne End parish councils to train their groundsmen to use the graffiti-removal kits.

"As Neighbourhood Action Groups are introduced across the district, local volunteers will also be trained to use the kits to remove small amounts of graffiti in their local area."

If you wish to report any graffiti, contact WDC's waste and cleansing team on 01494 421 415 or at You can also report a graffiti problem on their website at