A major review into the make-up of local government in High Wycombe is on the cards – bringing the potential creation of a town council one step closer.

Last week the Free Press launched a campaign calling for High Wycombe to be given a voice, as fears grow for the future of the town following the approval of a new unitary authority in the county.

And the dream of a town council for the historic area moved closer to reality this week, after High Wycombe town committee confirmed a public consultation into the move has been added into ‘super council’ plans.

The consultation – known as a community governance review – would investigate the different options for local government in High Wycombe, and typically ends with a public vote.

Speaking at a meeting on Tuesday, chairman of the committee, Marten Clarke, said: “Members will be aware of the secretary of state’s decision to create a unitary council in Buckinghamshire.

“With regards to the High Wycombe area, I understand the government has now included on its unitary implementation timetable the window for holding a community governance review.

“In light of this, a report will be presented at the next meeting of this council’s regulatory and appeals committee to consider whether any community governance review should be pursued.”

For years councillors and residents have called for a council to be launched in the historic market town – with critics slamming the current High Wycombe town committee as a “toothless con”.

The government’s approval of a ‘super council’ in Bucks have sparked fresh fears will be left without any form of democracy – as Wycombe District Council will be scrapped by 2020.

However there are a few more hurdles yet to clear before the long-awaited review can take place, as it will have to be given the go-ahead by WDC’s cabinet.

More politicians have spoken out in support of the campaign, with councillor for Micklefield, Matt Knight, saying a community governance review “will allow all options to be looked at”.

He said: “This is something that I and colleagues in the East Wycombe Independents have been working on for years.

“We have persistently put pressure on WDC to address the inequality for residents of High Wycombe.

“I am hopeful that a community governance review will allow all options to be looked at and give residents the opportunity to say how they wish their communities to be governed.

“Town and parish councils traditionally cover small areas, 80% of English Parish Councils serve populations of less than 2,500.

“It is about giving real power to residents to deal with the detailed issues in their local area.”

Former mayor of High Wycombe, Trevor Snaith, has long-called for a town council – stating the small authority will provide services closer to residents as well as the “grass roots” for community democracy.

He said: “A town council provides for local consultation on local issues and generate local ownership, pride and a sense of identity and community.

“We have a situation where WDC council funds generated in the town are "shared" across the whole District. This would get worse with an Aylesbury led unitary council.

A town council would be able to focus on High Wycombe for the benefit of town residents.”

Bucks county councillor for West Wycombe, Darren Hayday, added it “isn’t fair” that High Wycombe has unparished wards, adding both parish and town councils do “excellent work” for their communities.