Signs claiming part of a busy dual carriageway will be closed this week have caused confusion.

Marlow Town Council (MTC) asked residents to “ignore” road closure warning signs for November 23 that were put up by Highways England (HE) on the Bisham and Marlow parts of the A404 and said it had requested for them to be removed “immediately”.

MTC also said the proposed date for the closure of the A404 to reinstall the Volvo footbridge, which is currently being revamped by Highways England, is January 11 next year, adding that more details would follow from the highways agency.

The major footbridge into Marlow was taken away during the first weekend in September and was expected to be reinstalled in October, but work to apply the new protective paint was delayed and the October closure of the A404 was cancelled.

HE said the signs were put up in error due to a "breakdown in communication" and the dates were the original back-up dates to reinstall the footbridge.

The agency confirmed the signs have now been removed and the footbridge is expected to be installed over the weekend of January 11, resulting in the A404 to be closed.