A Marlow woman is raising money to help her one-year-old rescue dog walk properly again after he was born with a congenital defect which has left him with a paw growing the wrong way.

Labrador Nemo’s front paw has twisted back on itself after growing the wrong way, which means he is not able to run as fast as other dogs and spends his days limping.

His owner, Sophie Page, is hoping to raise £5,000 for an operation that will help Nemo get his paw straightened.

She said: “Many vets would recommend removing his entire leg, however, this would place strain on the remaining joints reducing his length and quality of life.

“Our vet did tell us to have his leg removed and we booked in an appointment but then we found a specialist who told us about this new surgery.

“Nemo will now have to undergo this extensive surgery and, as no insurer will take him on, this will be very expensive.

“Our specialist is going to do the surgery, which has never been done before. Because of this, he has decided to carry it out at a cost price, so making no profit and reducing the overall cost and after care down.

“We are hoping to get it done on December 20 so hopefully he will have his paw back before Christmas.”

Speaking about how Nemo’s paw affects him, Ms Page said: “Nemo is so desperate to be able to run and keep up with other doggy friends.

“Whenever you throw a ball he is always the last one to fetch it.

“After a short walk limping around the woods he ends up with a sore stump, as he tries to use his leg, and spends the evening limping and aching.

“We want to get him is four paws back. Dogs are born with four paws and they should have all four of their paws.

“With your help Nemo can be back on his four paws living the pain free life every doggy deserves.”

To help save Nemo’s paw, visit www.gofundme.com/funding-nemo-help-save-nemos-leg to donate.