The county council has done everything it can to stop rogue drivers from flouting the weight restrictions on Marlow Bridge, according to a leading transport chief.

Larger bollards have recently been installed on the iconic landmark following months of consultations, however drivers in overweight vehicles are reportedly still ignoring the three-tonne weight limit.

Speaking at a meeting of Bucks County Council (BCC) on Thursday, cabinet member for transport, Mark Shaw, said the authority continues to work with Thames Valley Police to monitor the bridge.

However he added some drivers attempting to cross the bridge “wouldn’t pay attention” even if warning lights were flashed at them.

Cllr Shaw said: “We have worked very closely with the town council to come up with a scheme that they were happy with aesthetically, as it is in the conservation area.

“It has included the installation of large bollards which makes it even harder for things to get past, even though they do try, and we constantly work with Thames Valley Police.

“We have also resurfaced and realigned around there to improve the on road management system

“We have also looked at the signage we already had and look to make that even more visible, but I doubt with some of the drivers even notice, if it was flashing lights they wouldn’t pay attention to it.

“We have done all that we can do.”

The bollards were installed in a bid to prevent a repeat of chaotic scenes from 2016 when a lorry crossed the bridge – forcing it to close for two months while repair work was carried out.

Last week Marlow residents criticised the new bollards, saying they are “too far apart” – prompting fears a larger vehicle could get stuck between them and block the bridge.

Speaking during Thursday’s meeting, councillor for West Wycombe, Darren Hayday, asked if more action can be taken to monitor the bridge in a bid to prevent overweight vehicles from crossing it.

However, referring to JK Rowling’s fantasy novel, Cllr Shaw went on to say “I am not Harry Potter and I do not have a magic wand”,  but assured members work is being carried out to ensure the bridge remains safe and is used properly.

He said: “What I can say is Transport for Bucks has liaised very closely with [BCC Cllr for Marlow, Alex Collingwood] and indeed with Marlow Town Council,  and will continue to do so to make sure the bridge is there for perpetuity and safe for people and proper motorists to use and not those who have abused it.”