Marlow Town Council officials turned detective this week to restore the lighting in a “well-used” part of the town centre.

Officers followed a mysterious trail after residents reported some of the lamps on the pathway through Liston Court leading out into the High Street were out of use.

After “extensive” investigations with Wycombe District Council (WDC), it emerged the lamps had been sold along with two properties, which had then been sold on again.

The four lamps still owned by WDC had been fitted with solar lights, but the rest of the lights stayed unlit.

Undeterred, MTC officers set out to find out who owned the lights and a meeting was set up with Lennox Estates, which arranged for power to be reconnected and the bulbs in the lamps to be replaced.

They were all working within a few days of the meeting.

Marlow mayor Chris Funnell said: “We are very grateful to Justin Gurney of Lennox Estates for being so proactive and community-minded in solving this problem.”