Concerns over whether an elderly driver was fit to be behind the wheel were raised five days before a fatal smash on the M40 killed three people, a probe has revealed. 

A driver expressed worry about John Norton, 80, who is believed to have been driving when a Subaru careered the wrong way down the M40 on October 15, days before when another minor crash took place. 

TVP received a report of a damage-only crash in High Wycombe on October 10, in which a Subaru struck a parked car. 

The owner of the parked car was sitting in his vehicle at the time and alerted the Subaru driver to the crash. 

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) believes that Mr Norton - who died in the M40 crash alongside his partner Olive Howard, 87, along with another driver, Stuart Richards, 32 - was driving the Subaru at the time of the first crash. 

The drivers exchanged details and the owner of the parked car reported the incident to the police via 999 and he was advised to submit a report online, which he did the same day.

In the report he raised concerns over the Subaru driver’s fitness to drive and the safety of other road users as a result.

The IOPC is now looking into the report regarding the driver’s ability was handled by police five days before the triple fatal M40 crash. 

Thames Valley Police referred the matter to the IOPC amid concerns their actions may not have been in accordance with the correct policies and procedures. 

IOPC regional director Sarah Green said: “Clearly the events on the M40 motorway are terribly tragic and the families of those who died and all of those affected have my deepest sympathies.

“We are examining whether the response from Thames Valley Police adhered to relevant guidelines and policies when concerns were raised over the driver’s abilities five days ahead of the fatal collision. 

“We are also looking to see whether there are any areas for potential amendments to policies and practices which may assist in reducing the likelihood of something this devastating occurring again.”