A town council would give High Wycombe a voice to help shape major housing development plans and prevent well-loved areas from being turned into housing, it has been claimed.

This week current and ex- district met at the Wycombe District Council offices to discuss the next steps towards the potential creation of a town council in High Wycombe.

Former town mayor, Nigel Vickery, pointed out that other areas in south Bucks, such as Marlow and Princes Risborough, have town councils to air their views on new planning applications.

He raised concerns High Wycombe does not have the voice it needs to speak out if major developments are eventually proposed for popular parks in the town, such as The Rye.

Speaking during Wednesday’s (December 5) meeting, Mr Vickery said: “I have always wanted a town council because I don’t think we are represented strongly enough.

“If a planning application comes in for Marlow not only do their local councillors have a say, but the town council was consulted and they have an input.

“We don’t have that. I think that needs to be looked at seriously because I feel that more rural areas, when it comes to housing, they always say ‘in there’, meaning in the town, not on my patch.

“I think that’s wrong. We should be able to say ‘enough is enough, we are full’.

“When are we going to say ‘enough is enough’ when they start to take The Rye off us, or they take Desborough recreation ground off us.”

Mr Vickery added a town council is needed to help revitalise High Wycombe as the “ancient” market is “dying on its feet”.

For years councillors and residents have called for a council to be launched in the historic market town – with critics slamming the current High Wycombe town committee as a “toothless con”.

The government’s approval of a super council in Bucks has sparked fresh dears the town will be left without any form of democracy – as Wycombe District Council will be scrapped by 2020.

Former mayor, Trevor Snaith, said the new council would provide better consultation, and services such as grass cutting would be dealt with more effectively by the smaller council.

He said: “A town council would give the town equality with other towns and parishes in the area.

"If any of you have been to other towns and see things local town councils do and the parishes, you know what we are talking about.

“Aylesbury do some sterling things, events activities, they spend and do things in the town in ways that we don’t get.”

District councillor, Brian Pearce, raised concerns over suggestions that parish councils should be created, branding it “disastrous”.

He said: “If we are all one we have a better voice and more power and will be able to do things, particularly in the centre of town.

“I feel very strongly that it should be a town council, and not many parishes. Some people want lots of parishes but I think it would be disastrous.”