After more "robust" bollards to protect an iconic Marlow landmark from overweight vehicles were slammed by residents who said they do not work because they are too far apart, we are asking readers what they think of the measures.

Larger bollards have been installed at Marlow Bridge in a bid to prevent a repeat of scenes from 2016 when a lorry driver ignored the three-tonne weight limit and drove over it, forcing it to close for two months.

The new bollards were proposed by Bucks County Council as a trial to see if vehicles like Luton vans and 7.5 tonne lorries could be prevented from using the bridge as a shortcut to the A404 Marlow Bypass.

But residents have criticised the new bollards, with people “astounded” at their shape and size.

They also said the bollards are too far apart from each other and set too far back.