All remaining ‘bring bank’ recycling sites will be scrapped in the Wycombe district - amid concerns that tradespeople are “abusing” them by fly-tipping.

A number of recycling banks in the district were shut last year - but the remaining eight will now also close.

These include bring banks in the Asda car park in Cressex, the Morrisons car park in Bellfield Road, the doctor’s surgery in Queensmead Road in Loudwater, the Park Parade site in Hazlemere and Riley Road in Marlow.

Cllr Julia Adey, environment chief at Wycombe District Council, said there has been “contamination, fly-tipping, litter issues, safety concerns and in some cases, lack of use” at the various sites.

However, Cllr Rafiq Raja feared taking away the recycling banks could see a rise in fly-tipping.

He said: “I can see more and more people fly-tipping rather than taking their stuff to High Heavens or somewhere else. It is an antisocial habit that spoils the area but we need to make it easy for people to dispose of their rubbish, not harder.”

However, Cllr Adey said no extra fly-tipping has been identified since the previous recycling banks were shut and Cllr Katrina Wood added: “At the last round of closures, I was really concerned about some in my ward where we had fly-tipping next to the bins and I was worried that would continue but since the bins have gone, there has been nothing.

“People don’t even bother to go there to dump their rubbish.”