A group of councillors are failing to respond to repeated requests for help on various community issues, according to the chairman of a residents’ association.

Piles of rubbish dumped in a field and annual flooding are among the issues Widmer End Residents' Association are desperately trying to resolve.

Chairman, Linda Derrick, says she has attempted to contact Wycombe district councillors for Greater Hughenden, Audrey Jones, David Carroll and Steve Broadbent a number of times, but has not had a response.

She says Wycombe District Council (WDC) is “mismanaging” Green Belt and AONB land around Grange Farm, in Grange Road, as drainage issues in the fields are causing nearby properties to flood.

There are also concerns over the “overuse” of a bridleway, popular with horse riders and walkers, as dozens of vehicles drive up the track every day at “excessive speed”, according to Dr Derrick.

She also raised concerns that waste is being dumped in the Four Ashes Field in the build-up to High Wycombe Round Table’s annual fireworks event – which the charity then has to clear up.

Dr Derrick said: “We wrote to (leader of WDC) Katrina Wood and said we had two issues, one we weren’t getting any response from our councillors, and two this is the sort of problem that we can’t deal with by ourselves, we need the council.

“This is WDC land, they own it. It’s not being managed properly. She responded with a letter which to my mind doesn’t answer anything.

“She says the councillors are excellent, that we are maligning them by actually asking them, and then just saying about the problem of the land and that things are in hand.”

Cllr Jones claims she has not had any contact from Dr Derrick, and urged residents to call her phone or write a letter if they wish to speak to her, as she does not check her emails.

Cllr Carrol said he is “very proud” of Widmer End and tries to work with as many people as possible to make the village “a great place to live”.

Cllr Broadbent added: “I regret that Linda Derrick feels this way, in particular given that I spoke directly with her at a recent parish council event where we talked over the Grange Farm related matters and I indicated that I have been in active discussion about the site with officers at WDC.

“Some progress was evidently being made as, a few days prior to the event, work had commenced on the surfacing of the Bridleway to the farm.”

Spokesman for WDC Catherine Spalton said the council is working with Dr Derrick regarding her concerns over the land around Grange Farm.

She said: “Anyone wishing to make a formal complaint about a Wycombe District Councillor can find the details of the procedure on our website at www.wycombe.gov.uk. We take formal complaints about our councillors very seriously.

“Event organisers are responsible for clearing up rubbish after their own events. As Four Ashes field is not owned by Wycombe District Council, it is the land owner's responsibility to ensure that event organisers clear up properly after the bonfire event.”