A district councillor says she is “delighted” a review of local government in two High Wycombe wards has been approved.

Last week the Free Press reported Wycombe District Council (WDC) has accepted two petitions calling for a community governance review to be carried out in Totteridge and Micklefield – which could lead to the creation of parish councils.

The petition – lead by the East Wycombe Independent party – is not connected to the campaign launched by current and former councillors at the end of December calling for a review of the government set up across the unparished areas of High Wycombe, ultimately paving the way for a town council.

A community governance review is a public consultation which investigates the different options for local government in an area, and typically ends with a public vote.

District councillor for Totteridge, Julia Wassell, said the Totteridge and Micklefield petitions were launched last summer and accumulated 400 signatures before they were presented to WDC on December 10.

Cllr Wassell believes a town council in the centre of High Wycombe along with parish councils in other areas of the town is the best model of local government in the area.

She said: “I am delighted that the petition for a parish council community governance review has been accepted by the district council.

“Around 400 registered electorates from both wards signed the petitions. I believe that a town council with parish councils for the other areas of the town is the best model because local residents are best placed to keep an eye on their local area and provide services.

“The petitions that were submitted were done because it was our election pledge at the last district elections.”