Buckinghamshire firefighters were called out to almost 200 animal rescue operations in the county over the last five years.

Figures unearthed following a freedom of information request found Bucks Fire and Rescue were called out to a total of 187 animal-related incidents across South Bucks, Wycombe, Aylesbury Vale and the Chiltern districts from 2014 to 2018.

The most animal rescue operations took place in Aylesbury and South Bucks, after firefighters were called out to both areas 56 times.

A total of 48 animal rescues took place in Wycombe and a further 27 in the Chilterns – however Bucks Fire and Rescue did not reveal the types of animals they rescued.

Over the past year Bucks Fire and Rescue has published details of numerous animal rescue incidents online, including dogs and cows trapped in mud, and even a pigeon that got stuck in a chimney.

A total of 23 incidents across the four districts were related to animals trapped in water or mud, while firefighters were called out to 10 incidents of animals stuck below ground.

There were dozens of calls due to animals stuck at height, including trees, house roofs and garden sheds.

A total of 90 incidents were listed by the fire service as “trapped animal”, including one on a bridge in Rectory Hill, Amersham, while three incidents were listed as “animal harm”.

A further 12 calls were listed as “heavy animal” rescue operations, while three were listed as “other”.

In July  firefighters rescued a horse which got stuck in a ditch in Bangors Road South, in Iver.

In January last year fire teams were called out to help a dog that had become trapped between a metal fence post and a garage wall, and in October 2016 Bucks Fire and Rescue released pictures of teams rescuing a cow that got stuck in the mud.