A head teacher has hit back at claims there will be fewer grammar places for Bucks children after two High Wycombe schools revealed plans to extend their catchment areas to Maidenhead.

Head at Wycombe High School, Sharon Cromie, says every child in Bucks has at least one choice of grammar school, while some pupils in the catchment area for three.

This comes after campaign group, Local, Equal Excellent [LEE], raised concerns over potential changes to the admissions policies for Wycombe High and John Hampden Grammar School, both in Marlow Hill.

If the plans are approved, the catchment areas could be expanded to Berkshire villages more than 10 miles away from the schools.

Both schools have been consulting on the plans throughout January.

Campaigners criticised the schools for being “super selective” as they fear the plans could lead to children in Berkshire being handed Bucks grammar places over local children.

Rebecca Hickman from LEE said: “We believe in local schools for local children.

“But Wycombe grammar schools seem to want to become super selective rather than serve the children they were set up for.

“The real issue is that the 11-plus system is broken. More and more non-Bucks children are sitting the test and this has led to year-on-year pass mark inflation.

“This results in higher-scoring children from outside Bucks displacing local children. Put another way, these grammar schools used to fill all their places with Bucks children – and Bucks children don’t have less aptitude now than they used to.

“Grammar schools need to address the real problem – but they can only do that by getting rid of the 11-plus.”

However Mrs Cromie said LEE’s claims are “inaccurate” as the majority of Bucks children are in the catchment area for two or even three grammar schools.

She said: “The co-ordinated admissions process administered by Buckinghamshire County Council ensures every Buckinghamshire child has at least one choice of grammar school.

“In reality, and in light of annual changes, every Buckinghamshire child is generally in catchment for at least two, if not three, grammar schools.

“This ensures no Buckinghamshire child misses out.  In addition, Wycombe High School’s admission policy prioritises its Buckinghamshire catchment.

“Buckinghamshire children and parents, compared to many other parts of England, have excellent and multiple choices of good schools, whether selective, all ability academies or upper.”

A spokesman for John Hampden said: “John Hampden Grammar School is consulting on the proposed 2020 admissions policy at present and comments can be sent to the school as outlined in our consultation process.”