An Amersham-based crematorium – which is currently the busiest in the UK – may “descend into chaos” as planned HS2 works in the area could lead to major traffic jams.

Bosses at Chilterns Crematorium, in Whielden Lane, fear mourners may be late to funerals, miss them altogether, or funeral processions may struggle to get to the site if HS2 works are not planned effectively.

As part of the Chiltern Tunnel stretch of the major high-speed rail project, HS2 plans on building a vent shaft adjacent to the Corns Bridge – which falls just 200 yards from the crematorium entrance.

Superintendent of the crematorium, Charles Howlett, says HS2 has “no understanding of the ramifications” of plans and fears traffic caused by the construction work could affect business.

Initial road works, increased HGV traffic and the use of a neighbouring field to dump excavation waste in are the main causes of concern to crematorium staff.

HS2 has also been criticised for initially not “making any direct contact” with the crematorium to discuss the plans.

Speaking during a meeting of the crematoria joint committee yesterday (January 23) Mr Howlett said: “In the summer there was a public meeting and I just decided I would go up and see.

“Unfortunately, rather than being reassured, I became increasingly alarmed that, although they acknowledged the crematorium was there, they clearly had absolutely no understanding of the ramifications of what might happen due to the construction of this vent shaft, and the preparatory works of the roads to enable the construction work to go ahead.”

The crematorium is the latest business to raise concerns over the controversial high-speed rail project, with Bucks pub-owners and farmers among those negatively impacted by HS2 work.

Mr Howlett said he is not sure what the best solution is to resolve the issue, however the crematorium will monitor the situation and raise any concerns to HS2.

He added: “I know usually these things work out okay in the end, I don’t want to be alarmist at all, because I am sure we are now the radar now and I have been in contact with HS2.

“But I don’t think we should shy away from the fact that, if they get it wrong, and there is massive traffic congestion, it will very adversely affect the crematorium.

“Initially with people being very upset, and if it goes on for very long it will affect the business.”

A spokesman for HS2 said: “We understand that people might be concerned about the impacts of HS2.

"We continue to work in partnership with relevant local stakeholders about how traffic in this area will be managed.

“HS2 and our contractors have met with representatives from the crematorium and we will continue to engage with them as work progresses."