Drivers forced to wait in hours-long queues out of a High Wycombe business park because of a £750,000 roadworks project have urged councillors to sort out the “utterly ridiculous” delays.

Frustrated commuters raged that hundreds of people are being “held hostage” on Cressex Business Park because of improvement works at the nearby Cressex Link.

The 19-week project, which started on January 21, will see new pedestrian crossings, improvements to traffic lights and a ban on heavy vehicles and traffic light improvements will give north-south priority to traffic from the business park in a bid to cut queues at evening peak times.

However, the roadworks are proving to be a nightmare for commuters – with one saying “tectonic plates move faster” than the queues out of the business park in the evening.

Nigel Rudd blamed “completely inept traffic management”, while Sophie Noble said: “This cannot continue for 19 weeks – it has taken me two hours to get back to Chalfont from Cressex”.

Matt Burnett added that it took him an hour to drive a quarter of a mile.

Mark Player, managing director of Greens Digital in Lincoln Road, said the “terrible traffic chaos” is “upsetting” staff and customers.”.

Mark Shaw, deputy leader and transport chief at Bucks County Council has apologised to commuters for the delays – but said the completed scheme will be a “great benefit” to residents and drivers.

He said: “I apologise for any inconvenience caused by the Cressex Link Road works.

"We have prioritised access to the business park in our plans, however I appreciate it may be frustrating for drivers queueing to leave in the evening and thank everyone for their patience.

“I know cold weather and traffic incidents have also affected travel in the area.

"Our transport team continue to work hard to minimise disruption. We also changed our works schedule to reduce the impact caused by the recent emergency utility works nearby.

"The team also amended the planned method of working to mean no night time junction closures in January, reducing noise for residents and the risk of morning peak delays if the work overran.

“Once completed the scheme will be a great benefit for both residents in Cressex Road and business park workers.

"I would also encourage all businesses and residents to sign up to our regular update bulletins to stay informed at”