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The parents of missing University of Hull student Libby Squire have made another emotional plea for information as police continue their investigation where she was last seen.

Libby, 21, was last seen on CCTV on Beverley Road, close to the junction with Haworth Street, on Thursday, January 31.

Fighting tears, her mum Lisa Squire, from High Wycombe, said in the video: “Libby, my darling pie, we just want to know that you're safe.

“Please get in touch with us any way you can. The whole family is missing you, especially me and your dad, your sisters and your brother.

“I'm missing you so much. It's breaking my heart not knowing where you are.”

On Saturday, around 200 students were out looking for Miss Squire, who was reported missing after getting into a taxi outside the Welly Club on Beverley Road, Hull, at around 11pm on Thursday.

As the search entered its fourth day, Humberside Police's North Bank Commander, chief superintendent Phil Ward, said: “While the investigation has been treated as a missing person inquiry, we have always and will continue to keep an open mind as to the circumstances surrounding Libby’s disappearance.

“Over the last four days we have carried out extensive land and house searches in the areas she was last seen, with numerous house to house enquiries made and people spoken to, in an attempt to find Libby or information as to where she may be.

“We have also obtained and viewed hours of CCTV footage to try and trace Libby’s movements that night, and to identify anyone in the area who may be of interest to the investigation.

“In addition, we have received numerous calls from members of the public with information, assistance from students at the university carrying out searches within the uni and witnesses coming forward to help with the investigation.

“I want to offer my utmost thanks to everyone as your help has truly been invaluable, as well as the local community who have been incredibly helpful and understanding while our teams have been carrying out their work in their neighbourhood.

“While these enquiries have not provided confirmation as to Libby’s whereabouts or to her safety, it has shaped a more precise and exact timeline of her movements.

“We now know Libby arrived on Wellesley Avenue, her home address, around 11.29pm, although it’s not believed she entered the property.

“On searching the address, we did discover her mobile phone which despite analysis, has not provided any further insight as to where she may be or her movements that night.

“She is then seen on CCTV on Beverley Road at 11.40pm, and seen near to a bench close to the bus stop and junction with Haworth Street, when a motorist stops and offers her help.  

“We believe she may have been in this area until around 12.09am, and are now continuing searches in and around the neighbouring roads and streets as well as viewing further CCTV footage.

“While her location is not yet known, this does not mean she has come to harm, but we must carry out a thorough investigation and explore all possibilities.

“We are continuing to support Libby’s parents, who understandably are distressed and anxious as to the safety of their daughter.”

He refuted rumours of tools and lip gloss, which were recovered in the area Libby was last seen, being connected to the investigation.

Anyone who can help is being urged to call 101 quoting log number 29 of 1st February 2019.