A leading councillor on a neighbouring authority has launched a scathing attack on the cash-strapped Bucks County Council (BCC) amid major budget cuts to adult social care services.

However, leader of BCC, Martin Tett, has slammed the “irresponsible and inaccurate” comments made by deputy leader of Milton Keynes Council (MKC), Hannah O’Neill.

The feud came to light last week after BCC announced plans to potentially close Thrift Farm in Milton Keynes– which provides supported employment to adults with learning disabilities  – in bid to slash £124,000 from the adult social care budget.

In a statement published by Milton Keynes Labour, councillor O’Neill said BCC “is another by-word for Tory incompetence and maladministration” and urged the council to work with the Labour-run authority to save Thrift Farm.

She said: “They are yet another Tory county on the verge of bankruptcy. Their children’s services are inadequate, they are overspending on substandard social care services and their highways are amongst the worst in the country.

“Now they are threatening to close a much-loved community service and attacking some of the most vulnerable people in society.

“While parents like me see Thrift Farm as a family friendly day out, to others it’s a vital lifeline in the world of work.

“Milton Keynes already pays for social care places at the farm, so closure has an impact on our most vulnerable too. We will not sit back and let that happen.”

She added that “with the right deal” MKC could run the farm – however BCC cabinet members said the neighbouring authority has not come forward with any appropriate plans.

During a meeting of BCC’s cabinet yesterday (February 4) Cllr Tett said the authorities rely “on a good working relationship” – however he now fears it has been “severely damaged”.

He said: “I think [the comments] were irresponsible, inappropriate and wholly inaccurate and I have never, to my knowledge or recollection, criticised a colleague council, whatever its party-political colours, neighbouring us.

“I think that has done severe damage to what has always been a good relationship we have had between BCC and MKC.

“They need to think really carefully before they, as a council, attack a fellow council, on its borders, where we rely on a good working relationship.”

Cabinet member for health and wellbeing at BCC, Lin Hazell, added: “We have approached Milton Keynes on numerous occasions.

“They have commented, they have come back to the officers over a period of time, but most of the time it is revolving around the purchase of the land, but that’s not what we are looking for.

“We are looking for people to take on the leasehold of the land. I don’t think it would be viable to sell the land at the moment.”