A man has been fined after a huge pile of waste was illegally dumped in a swimming pool at the site of an illegal encampment in Iver.

Rakesh Chandra Vyas, 55, of Purley Way, Whaddon, Croydon, pleaded guilty at High Wycombe Magistrates’ Court to failing in his duty of care over illegally dumped waste.

In March last year waste found dumped in a pool at a private property in Sutton Lane, Richings Park, was traced back to work carried out by Vyas in Sutton, South London.

He denied dumping the waste during an interview at the offices of the London Borough of Croydon, however he admitted he had paid a waste carrier to dispose of it.

Vyas provided two phone numbers for the waste carrier – who he only knew as Michael.

He paid Michael £210 in cash, however during the interview Vyas acknowledged that even if he could be found, there would be no way to prove he dumped the waste.

When sentencing the magistrates took into account that Vyas had been declared bankrupt. He was fined £200 for failing his duty of care over the waste and was ordered to pay £840 towards clean-up costs.

A victim surcharge was also ordered against his company.

Cabinet member for environment at South Bucks District Council, Luisa Sullivan, said: “Once again a tradesperson ends up with a criminal conviction because a rogue waste carrier dumped their waste illegally.

"If you are disposing of commercial waste, it is your legal duty to find out whether a carrier is licensed and to record the transaction properly. If you let the carrier remain anonymous by handing over cash without paperwork, it's much easier for them to fly tip with impunity - and it's you who'll end up in court."

Illegal dumping can be reported at www.fixmystreet.buckscc.gov.uk