Campaigners are calling for welcome signs to be installed on the main routes into Amersham, as they could ultimately put the historic town “on the map”.

Like other neighbouring towns, the Amersham Action Group (AAG) wants “welcome to” signs placed at the major portals to the area from Wycombe, Aylesbury, Chesham and Beaconsfield.

Chiltern District Councillor and member of the AAG, Mimi Harker, said the signs would give the town an “identity” – however a lack of funding has meant the plans are yet to become a reality.

Campaigners also want more signs to be installed in the town directing people to car parks, shops, restaurants and heritage sites in a bid to draw more people into the area.

Cllr Harker said: “We have five main portals to Amersham and not one of them has a ‘welcome to Amersham’ sign.

“If you look at even just down the road, Little Chalfont has signs saying ‘Welcome to Little Chalfont, twinned with…’

“We need them at the big portals to the town so people know they have arrived. I think that would help enormously to put Amersham on the map as well.

“The Amersham Action Group has been lobbying for many years now.

“Once you are in the town you need to know where everything is. Where the car parks are, restaurants, retailers and heritage sites.

“It is something we have got to keep lobbying for, we have got to keep pressuring the county. Our retailers and our residents deserve to have their area identified with pride.”

Transport for Bucks (TfB) – Bucks County Council’s transport department – said plans are at the early stages and the design of the signs needs to be agreed.

Head of Highways at TfB, Mark Averill, said: “TfB has been approached by the Amersham Action Group to look at the possibility of installing ‘Welcome to Amersham’ signs at each of the main entry points to the town.

“The discussions are at an early stage and the design of the signs has yet to be discussed.

“Funding for any new signing of this nature will have to be found by the interested parties, once an approved design has been agreed upon and installed then the council will maintain the new signs.”