Concerned residents have been calling for a pedestrian crossing to be built on a main road in Beaconsfield – however the limited number of people who have been injured in crashes at the traffic blackspot means it will not be prioritised for improvements.

Pedestrians are regularly forced to cross the busy A40 – near the Miller and Carter restaurant – to get to the bus stop and playing field on the opposite side of the road.

After years of campaigning, Beaconsfield town councillor, Philip Bastiman, says plans to install a crossing are “slowly moving forward”, however Transport for Bucks (TfB) has  been “resistant” to proposals.

TfB  has raised concerns over building the crossing at a spot which has two lanes of traffic in both directions and is close to two roundabouts.

Cllr Bastiman is also waiting the results of a traffic survey that was carried out last summer to assess the speed of vehicles travelling along the road.

He said: “This has been going on for quite a while. It has taken a while to get something done.

“There’s a crossing across the A40 and residents want to have some kind of crossing put in place because they don’t feel safe.

“The reason they cross the road is to get to the bus stop, and there’s a playing field where teenagers go to play football, so we want to make it safe for them to walk to football.

“The county council has been quite resistant so far, they are concerned about the cost of putting a crossing in and also putting a crossing in at that point.”

Head of Highways at Transport for Bucks (TfB), Mark Averill, says the council will investigate building a pedestrian safe route from Holtspur Top Lane to Wooburn Green Lane, across the A40.

However, he added the scheme will not be prioritised due to the “current injury collision history” in the area, so alternative funding for a crossing would have to be found.

Mr Averill said: “The reported current injury collision history for this location does not place the area as a priority for treatment as a casualty reduction safety scheme above other sites within the county.

“Therefore, alternative funding would need to be obtained if a solution was to be developed.

“There have been discussions with the County and Town Councillors and TfB have agreed to collate previous comments and comment on the provision of a safe pedestrian route from Holtspur Top Lane to Wooburn Green Lane. This summary will be issued later on this month.”