Long-standing plans to create a one-way system and more parking on a road near Amersham town centre have resurfaced again following years of discussions.

Campaigners say closing off one of the lanes on Sycamore Road to build a one-way route and create echelon parking would bring more footfall to the town’s businesses.

The plans have been rumbling on for well over a decade – however a lack of Bucks County Council funding has prevented the vision from becoming reality.

The Amersham Action Group (AAG) – a revitalisation committee for Amersham on the Hill – now hopes to fund a feasibility study which would assess the practicality of the proposed scheme.

Members say BCC has always been supportive of the project, however it has failed to move forward due to limited funds.

The group’s next step is to investigate different avenues of funding for the scheme, hold a feasibility study, as well as a public consultation to establish residents’ feelings towards the plans.

Chiltern District Councillor and member of the AAG, Mimi Harker, said creating short-stay echelon parking would allow shoppers to pay quick- visits to the town, bringing more customers in for businesses.

She said: “The Amersham Action Group is the revitalisation group for Amersham on the Hill.

“We have been trying to do this for more than 15 years now and it is all down to cost.

“When you have echelon parking you can have around three or four times the amount of cars parking there compared to parallel parking.

“I never want to go and park and spend the entire day in Amersham on the Hill. People want to pop-in and  pick up a newspaper at the local shop.

“Having that echelon parking means more people can park.”

However, head of highways at Transport for Bucks, Mark Averill, said two “key issues” that could arise from creating a one-way street and echelon parking would need to be investigated.

He said echelon parking means drivers would be reversing into live traffic, while a one-way system could move motorists to “less desirable” route.

Mr Averill said: “A feasibility study will be needed to help inform any potential design for the area, it will be unlikely that any final design will be limited to the changes requested to take into account the issues raised above.

“The scheme does not currently feature on the county council’s forward plan, that does mean that there is no funding available for progressing any work for this scheme.”