A county councillor is calling for budding politicians to come forward and stand as an independent candidate in next year’s unitary council elections.

Bucks County Council (BCC) has been run by Conservative politicians for decades– and councillor for West Wycombe, Darren Hayday, says electing more independent councillors will improve democracy.

With just over a year until the unitary council elections take place – Cllr Hayday has said he will advise any hopefuls on how to run an effective team geared towards winning an election.

He said: “My job is to help everyone who wants to get into independent politics away from a particular party, particularly anyone who wants to be a part of the upcoming unitary elections.

“Anyone who is interested in politics should approach me and I will help them to build up their profile and will advise them on how to win a campaign.

“If you are independent you don’t get told what to do, it means you are free just to go out into the local community.

“In my experience you can get a hell of a lot more done for residents if the community has an independent without having to climb the greasy pole.

“BCC has always been run by just one main party which is not good for democracy. When we move over to a unitary it will carry on like that unless people decide to stand as independents.”

In November, secretary of state for communities, housing and local government approved BCC proposals to scrap the five main councils in Bucks and replace them with a unitary authority.

The new Buckinghamshire Council will be launched in April 2020, with elections due to take place in May.

Cllr Hayday added: “If you are fed up with blaming others for the bad state of your roads, overgrown weeds, speeding cars, school parking issues, lack of police activity, and a long list of what you would like to see in your community – consider standing as a Buckinghamshire Council councillor.

“If successful, the pay is likely to be in the region of £20,000 per year.

“It would be possible to still carry out your day job if you have the support of your employer.”

Anyone thinking of standing as an independent councillor is asked to contact Cllr Hayday on 07866514198 or d_hayday@hotmail.com.