A Marlow air cadet who became the UK’s youngest solo glider pilot in 2017 took to the skies again in a bid to become Britain’s youngest solo pilot.

Travis Ludlow, a member of the 1811 (Marlow) Squadron Air Training Corps Air Cadets, took to the skies on Thursday this week in a single engine Cessna 152, and now wants to be the youngest person to fly solo around the world in a single engine aircraft when he turns 17.

His father Nick said Travis has passed six of the nine CAA exams at the tender age of 16, which is ahead of the students taking Aviation Degrees at Bucks New University, who are training at the same centre.

The youngster has had a keen interest in airplanes since he was four-years-old.

According to his instructors, Travis has been ready to go solo for some time but has had to wait until he is 16.

Speaking after his flight, he said: “It’s an amazing feeling flying but when you are up there on your own, in control, it is even more special.

“I’ve been ready for this, it feels great to have got my first solo done, it was amazing to be up there on my own.

“Today means a lot to me and the dream I have, solo it what it is all about. Up there today, I got that wonderful feeling of being in control and couldn’t help thinking the world is waiting.”

He now wants to take off in late 2020 for a world record-breaking solo flight around the world.

He added: “I hope that this solo flight, along with my record solo gliding flight, will show how committed I am to getting the experience I need to fly around the world next year.”

“My career goal would have to be flying in space, for the likes of Virgin Galactic or SaceX.”

Dad Nick said although he supports Travis’ flying, he initially tried to put him off the world record attempt.

He said: “Travis’ latest flying achievement is typical of his determination to be the best pilot he can be - between GSCE preparation, he lives and sleeps flying.

“Flying solo at 16, when he hasn’t even driven a car yet, is an amazing achievement.

“He has worked hard to pass his flying exams and trained hard with his flight instructors.

“I am very proud of him and look forward to the next chapter.”