Concerns have been raised over the “dangerous” positioning of the zebra crossing outside Amersham Station, with one councillor fearing “it is a disaster waiting to happen”.

The crossing on Station Road is used by scores of commuters every day, however it is sat just metres away from a mini roundabout and a sharp turning from Hill Avenue.

Chiltern District Councillor and Amersham Action Group member, Mimi Harker, has called for the crossing to be moved further away from the junction to make it safer for pedestrians.

She said: “I have no idea why [the crossing] was put there because you come around the bend in your car and you are on top of people. It’s not clever.

“I don’t know what can be done about it. If it was moved further down the road, further towards the multi-storey, that would be so much better.

“Even if it was just 100 yards down the road. It’s dangerous, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.”

Town councillor for Amersham on the Hill, Nigel Shepherd, backed Cllr Harker’s concerns, adding the crossing causes “chaos” during rush hour.

He said: “I believe, from a practical point of view, the zebra crossing is in the wrong place. It is too close to those two roundabouts and it causes congestion during busy times, it causes chaos.

“It should be around 50 metres along the road. If it was there it would cause considerably less congestion at peak times.”

Cabinet member for transport at Bucks County Council, Mark Shaw, said no safety issues were raised when the crossing was installed at the end of 2015.

He added that if the crossing was moved further up the road then pedestrians would continue to cross at the same spot, putting them in danger.

He said: “No safety issues were raised regarding the proximity of the crossing to the mini roundabout at the Hill Avenue junction, being that the crossing is immediately outside the station on the route pedestrians usually use between the town and the station.

“Indeed, relocation may result in pedestrians continuing to cross at this location without any formal crossing facility, however any specific concerns regarding the safety of this zebra crossing can be reviewed by TfB.

“There has been one reported injury collision at this location in the last five years which did not involve a pedestrian.”