Plans for 350 homes on a former Ministry of Defence site in Beaconsfield will have “little gain for the town”, a community group has said.

Inland Homes has been accused of not engaging with local people “very well at all” after it overhauled its new homes plans for Wilton Park, including 79 affordable homes and the completion of the long-awaited A355 relief road – which was feared to be in jeopardy last month after the developer revealed it may not build its section of the road amid a planning battle with the council.

The Beaconsfield Society says many of Inland Homes’ original plans had the group’s support but, over time, the plans “have been hacked around” and “contain considerably less affordable housing,” and “virtually no community benefit”.

Chairman Alison Wheelhouse said: “The developer doesn't seem to be engaging with local people very well at all.

“The Wilton Park development is a very important development for Beaconsfield and getting it right is important too because it impacts on the potential use of other bit of green belt land proposed for release in the draft Local Plan for South Bucks.

“The green belt land surrounding this is something we intend to fight for as this development has the chance of impacting on that land and its further development too which we do not think should be released or developed at all.

“There was a chance for Wilton Park to delivery all of the affordable housing demand for Beaconsfield and, if Inland Homes were truly committed to that, they would have done more than this.

“Inland's plans show the relief being built around the 116-home mark but this is needed now. Their plans show possible signalisation at the London End roundabout which would cause chaos too.

“There is little gain for the town.

“The relief road appears to have now become a gambling chip between the developer and the county council and it still baffles us how this seems to be under no firm contract to deliver the relief road – it clearly looks unlikely to be finished on time now.

“With a fudge on affordable housing and desires by this and other developers to use the lure of more affordable housing on green belt land next to this development we are seeing an overdevelopment of Beaconsfield on a dramatic scale.

“We would ask our district and town councillors to stick to their guns on the 40 per cent truly affordable housing and to look into all option for making Wilton Park work for the town.”

Inland Homes said it had reached out to hundreds of residents over the past few weeks, adding: “The message is clear – the proposed affordable homes are welcomed across the community.

“One young mum told us, ‘I have been renting privately in Beaconsfield since 2009 and have paid over £120,000 during the last 10 years in rent so far and would welcome affordable housing at Wilton Park for people like myself’.

“A former resident, Dani Al-Karaghouli, told us, ‘Having grown up in nearby Iver Heath, and rented in Maxwell Road in Beaconsfield after leaving University, I'm interested in new homes here. But I had to move away to Kingston due to the lack of affordable homes locally.

‘Beaconsfield is a lovely place, it’s just a shame that young professionals that work hard like myself and my fiancée don’t have the opportunity to live there. Hopefully Wilton Park will change that’.”

Mark Gilpin, group planning director, said: “Some of the stories we have heard both on the doorstep and from emails have been really powerful, and shows just how the lack of affordable housing is affecting the local community, both young and old.

“We welcome these local residents making their views heard. The 79 affordable homes proposed will ensure that people like Dani and many others don't have to get stuck renting privately or move away to get on in life.

“If our planning application is approved, the next generation can find the homes they need right here at Wilton Park.”