Staff and children at a Beaconsfield nursery celebrating a ‘good’ Ofsted rating with a tea party.

Beaconsfield mayor Anita Cranmer and town councillor Chris Owen joined in the celebrations at The Kiddies Academy, in Garvin Avenue, earlier this month.

The nursery was taken over by Kavit Kotecha and Aleena Verma last summer and were joined by Sedra Shabir and Yasmin Malik.

Inspectors said the new owners and manager are “passionate in their ambition to provide the best possible start for children”.

They wrote in the report: “They are reflective practitioners and have high expectations of their staff and what children can achieve. Staff successfully rise to this challenge.”

They also praised the children, saying they behave well and adding: “They develop positive relationships and learn how to work together, share and take turns.

“They form strong bonds with staff and develop a strong sense of belonging.”

Inspectors complimented the “warm, friendly and caring environment”, saying staff gave “lots of praise” and encouragement to support children’s confidence and self-esteem.

They wrote: “Staff encourage children to manage tasks for themselves. For example, they learn to put on their own hats and coats when going outside.

“Older children help to lay the table for meals, which gives them a good sense of responsibility.”

Mr Kotecha said: “The team is very happy with the progress of the nursery and is ambitious to take it to outstanding.”