Police officers, NHS staff and social workers were among those who attended a conference to prepare for new laws which will allow domestic abuse to be more effectively prosecuted.

On February 5 the Safer Bucks Partnership held a conference in Aylesbury for various authorities to discuss forthcoming legislation on domestic abuse – which will strengthen legal definitions so a rage of abuse behaviours can be more effectively prosecuted.

Advisors to the Home Office, national experts on stalking and domestic abuse and a published forensic homicide researcher were among the speakers at the event.

Bucks County Council cabinet member for community engagement and public health, Noel Brown, said: “I am so pleased with the excellent attendance at the event and the informative discussions we had.

“We hope the outcomes will help us to develop strategies to protect the victims of domestic violence, and help prevent the harm that also results for the victim's family and the wider community."

The impact of domestic violence is estimated to cost £66 billion across the country, making up 16 per cent of the Crown Prosecution Service’s caseload since 2016.

Anyone experiencing relationship abuse, or knows anyone who might be, can get support by contacting Victims First on 0300 1234 148 or go online at www.victims-first.org.uk/coercive-control.