Plans to rebuild a clubhouse at a cricket club have been unveiled.

Cookham Dean Cricket Club wants to knock down the current 80-year-old building, which they say is a “failing structure” with the inside “poorly arranged”, and build a new facility which the say has been “carefully designed with the end users in mind”.

Writing in the design and access statement, Heighway Associates Architects Ltd said on behalf of the club: “The existing building is single storey and sits on a plinth some 500mm above the surrounding ground level making it impossible for infirm, old, disabled and pushchair users to access the building.

“The now failing structure has a leaking roof, no internal or external disabled facilities, antiquated kitchen, no baby changing facilities and toilets beyond economic repair.

“Internally the building is poorly arranged and the changing rooms in particular fall well short of the standards / regulations of the ECB.

“Female and youth changing (the future of the club) are non-existent.

“The building is expensive to heat as it is poorly insulated and the services are antiquated.”

The new building will be located on the footprint of the existing clubhouse and will overlook the cricket field.

Heighway Associates wrote: “The new proposed new building has been carefully designed with the end users in mind. The design of the new building carefully considers orientation, view, mass bulk and impact on the sensitive green belt setting.

“The intention is that the multi-functional studio room will be the focus of day time fitness and mobility classes and draw more people towards this communal asset.

“Facilities are required which reflect the contemporary era.”

The architects said the new “community-based” pavilion will have modern changing rooms, a disabled toilet, kitchen, bar, and home, away, youth and female changing facilities.

They added: “The proposed building is also single storey and sits on a plinth some 150mm above the surrounding ground level with level thresholds at access and egress points, making it possible for infirm, old, disabled and pushchair users to access the building at all times.”

If given the green light, the plans will also see the area to the west, between the building and practice nets, will be landscaped and paved with a new barbecue area.

Heighway Associates said plan is to start the build in 2020, adding: “There is a real desire within the club to provide a new club house and facilities that are not only fit for the 21st Century but that an asset for the local community and future generations to come.”