A housing developer that has bought the “neglected” Chilterns Shopping Centre is planning to turn it into residential units, Wycombe District Council has confirmed.

The Bucks Free Press revealed in December 2017 that Dandara Homes had purchased the half-empty shopping centre – but the developer has still not officially announced what it plans to do with the building.

Elaine Jewell, head of community at the district council confirmed this week that the developers does want to turn the shopping centre into “residential units” – and a proper makeover of Frogmoor could come with it after a temporary fix by the council.

She said: “Dandara have bought the Chilterns Shopping Centre and they are looking at turning it into residential units.

“And really what we are doing is an interim solution to make it a more welcoming, safe and attractive environment. It is very much a temporary solution until Dandara have done this scheme and part of that will involve improving Frogmoor again.

"When the shopping centre is redeveloped and we have more residents in the space, then the function of the space will change and that’s the time to look at it long-term.”

Dandara is expected to release more information about its plans for the centre in the coming weeks.