Plans to move a GP surgery to Wycombe Hospital have been slammed by frustrated residents who have raised concerns over parking.

Wye Valley Surgery in Desborough Avenue, High Wycombe, will operate from the hospital in Queen Alexandra Road from April 29 following the sale of the building.

Surgery bosses say the practice has “outgrown” its current site and the move will allow services to expand, with minimal disruption to patients.

However, Bucks county councillor for Abbey, Lesley Clarke, fears patients will struggle to find somewhere to park, as the hospital car park is often full.

She also asked where residents will be able to collect their prescriptions following GP appointments – as there are two chemists near the current Wye Valley site.

Cllr Clake said: “I am really worried about parking. It is difficult to park when you go to the hospital, and it is hard enough to find a space to park in Wycombe anyway, not to mention the cost.

“When you go to have a blood test you are worried about where you are going to park.

“There is the option to use the park and ride, but people don’t want to do that and parking in most places is an issue.”

Concerned residents took to social media to air concerns over the move– including the issues elderly or ill people may have travelling the longer distance to get to their GP.

Commenting on Facebook, Elaine Steptooe, said: “I feel sorry for people who are not very mobile or infirm. The bus stops at the bottom but it is a long walk up the hill and if you are ill or not mobile you may not make it.

“I think this surgery will lose a lot of patients I’m afraid, as it has not been thought out properly for the patients it serves and is very practical.”

Sheryl Stratford added: “Most of my family are now moving surgeries because of the parking at the hospital. I’m only staying with them as my doctor there is really good.

“It will mean taking longer time off work to make sure you can get parked.”

A spokesman for Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said a review has been carried out “which considered the impact of the move on patients” – establishing some people will have shorter distances to travel to the surgery.

Spokesman, Neil Phillips, said: “The decision to change premises has been taken by Wye Valley Surgery, and NHS Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group has supported the practice and its patient engagement as it prepares for the move.

“As part of this, a review was carried out which considered the impact of this move on patients – particularly in terms of age, disability and pregnancy and maternity.

“This identified that whilst some patients will have slightly longer journey times, others will have shorter ones, as Wye Valley Surgery’s catchment area covers a large part of High Wycombe’s population.

“Most patients should find the new premises to be within walking distance of the current one (0.7miles). However, Wycombe Hospital is also a ten-minute walk from the town’s bus station, and several bus routes stop directly outside on Queen Alexandra Road whilst there are no bus stops as close to the current site on Desborough Avenue.”

Surgery bosses said they have planned for “minimal disruption” while the transfer takes place – however they have urged patients to check the website for any changes to services provided in the week before and after the move.

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