The UK’s No.1 swing and jive band and Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalists The Jive Aces will perform in Chesham next week.

The show - at The Elgiva on March 21 - features special guests, the vintage pinup showgirls, The Satin Dollz, the low down baritone sax of Lottie B and the smooth accordion of Grazia Bevilacqua.

The show is full of colours, 40’s and 50’s songs and rhythms with a dash of Rock n Roll.

Who are The Jive Aces and when did you all start?

We are all from London and Essex, which is the border of East London, hence the Cockney accents. Myself (Ian) and the drummer were at school together and met the saxophonist and bass player the year we left school. We first were jive and swing fans and danced to the music and then later one we started playing and decided to start a band. We were playing together for a few years and then we evolved into the present incarnation. This line up has been together for 22 years.

We have been together longer than that other British band, the Beatles. They probably made more money but I think we are still having more fun!

What is the Big Beat Revue show?

The show is a spectacular performance of jive, swing and early rock and roll music with colourful costumes, zoot suits and all-singing all-dancing vintage showgirls! It features the best in 40s and 50s jive, rhythm and blues and rock ’n’ roll.

What made you go on Britain’s Got Talent?

Actually we had never thought about doing it but many fans suggested it and then one of their researchers saw us at the Edinburgh Fringe festival and said we should try it out. We decided that, even though we already had a good thing going on, we would go on and be ourselves and see if they liked it. We didn’t expect to get all the way to the semi finals and be seen by 25 million people - you can’t pay for exposure like that! And we made Simon Cowell smile!

How has the experience helped you grow?

I think most experiences in this business help you grow if you have the right outlook. A part from the exposure it introduced us to a lot of areas and people and of course we played for her majesty The Queen.

But also one of the most successful things we have found is our music videos, out Bring Me Sunshine video has over 3 million views and won awards. We enjoy making them and it is a way to use the modern internet medium to reach people all over the world who otherwise might never have heard our style of music.

Can you describe the music you play? And who would you compare yourself to?

It is jive and swing. It is sort of where jazz meets the roots of rock n roll and is upbeat, happy and fun and we love to entertain. It is difficult to compare but many people who see us in the US can see our obvious influences, such as the legendary Louis Prima, Bobby Darren and even Cab Calloway plus the lifestyle and movies of the 1940s and 1950s

Can you name some crowd favourites?

Our version of Bring Me Sunshine, which many people know from our video is a favourite. Also the Chaplin song Smile on which we put accordion on it and carries the public very far (we also made a music video for it). We have a few standard show numbers such as Caldonia, Sing, Sing, Sing.

Is this your first time at the Elgiva Theatre?

Yes it is our first time performance at this theatre and hopefully not the last. We are very much looking forward to bring the Big Beat Revue show to Chesham!

The Jive Aces come to The Elgiva Chesham on March 21 at 7.30pm. Tickets available at or call 01494 582900.

The public should expect the unexpected.... They can expect to enjoy themselves, be entertained at least tap their feet and maybe even dance a little in the aisles ;) It will be a night to remember for sure and we advise people to secure a ticket for this show, you won’t be disappointed. But mostly, we are looking forward to seeing everyone, we love what we do and always enjoy new places!