Frustrated residents have stuck up their own signs protesting against road “patching” work they say is a “joke”.

The signs appeared earlier this week and have been stuck on an advanced warning sign in Wingate Avenue, High Wycombe.

A Transport for Bucks spokesman said: "The County Council is investing heavily in its highway network and the work identified for Wingate Avenue, Plane & Patch, forms an integral part of that investment.

"The programme commenced on 4th March 2019 and will see approximately £4 million being spent on the patching of a large number of Buckinghamshire roads.

"Wingate Avenue is due to be treated on 14th and 15th March. As part of the programme, Wingate Avenue will have full width patching from the junction with Totteridge Road to beyond the first junction with Cambridge Crescent to address the worst defects in this road.

"Linchfield will also be completed prior to Wingate Avenue."