HUNDREDS of students will be visiting a former Nazi concentration camp to remember those who died in the Holocaust.

The Holocaust Educational Trust is inviting 180 students and teachers from schools across Berkshire to Poland as part of its Lessons from Auschwitz Project.

Pupils will visit the Auschwitz Memorial and Museum in Oświęcim, Poland tomorrow (March 19), to learn about the Nazi German occupied concentration camp.

Karen Pollock MBE, chief executive of the holocaust educational trust, said: "The Lessons from Auschwitz project is a vital part of our work, allowing young people to learn about the Holocaust in a way they cannot in the classroom.

"The visit enables young people to see for themselves where racism, prejudice and antisemitism can ultimately lead to and its important is demonstrated by the inspiring work students go on to do in their local communities."

Students will visit the former camps barracks and crematoria, to witness how the thousands of Jews died by the Nazi persecution.

Then, they will visit the main killing centre of Birkenau where a candle light vigil will be held to reflect on those who died in the Second World War.

The aim is to then train students to become ambassadors for the Holocaust Educational Trust, so they can share their experience with their schools and wider community.

Last year, the organisation celebrated its 30th anniversary, to celebrate taking over 37,5000 students to the concentration camp.

The Lessons from Auschwitz project has given thousands of post-16 students and teachers an opportunity to visit the concentration camp.