A primary school wants to replace its old “vandalised” fence with a new 2.4 metre-tall one in a bid to stop anti-social behaviour, drug use and vandalism by trespassers – amid concerns that the school’s caretaker has to remove “drug paraphernalia, beer cans and other debris” every morning.

Great Kingshill C of E School in Cryers Hill Road has put in plans for a new “safeguarding” fence and gates in a bid to protect the perimeter from intruders.

The school’s current fence is just a metre high and is showing signs of damage from “unauthorised access”, their agent, Lancaster Maloney, has claimed – adding that “various sections of the fence have fallen with vandalism and age, which is leaving areas of the boundary open to the public”.

They said the easy access to the site has attracted groups of youths who are abusing the area.

The plans say: “The caretaker undertakes a sweep of the site every morning to locate and remove drug paraphernalia, beer cans and other debris.

“The school’s habitat area to the north of the school must be closed on a regular basis due to vandalism and debris being present each night from youths gathering in the area.

“There are regular breaches of security overnight and at weekends from adjacent public footpaths into play areas, playground and the habitat area resulting in damage to fixtures and resources and consequent hazards to young children.”

They added that the current broken fence is a risk for children – particularly those with special needs – who could run out of the school buildings, across the unsecured perimeter and into the road.

Their planned new fence will be more than double the height to stop intruders getting onto the site at night.

The plans were submitted to Wycombe District Council last week – and officers are due to make a decision by May 8.