Potholes across more than a dozen roads in Bucks have been filled as a major repair scheme gets underway.

Transport for Buckinghamshire’s (TfB) plane and patch scheme started on March 4 and now 13 roads across the county, including in High Wycombe, Aylesbury and Wendover, have been treated.

TfB staff have been cutting out large sections of deteriorating road and completely resurface the area with new material, rather than fixing individual potholes.

Areas undergoing plane and patch range from sites as small as 20 square metres to larger areas – some as big as 1,500 square metres.

Cabinet member for transport at BCC, Mark Shaw, said: “Plane and patch is a great way to address pothole farms, providing focus on those roads which cause the greatest concern for members of the public and local residents.

“Approximately £4 million is being spent on plane and patch this year, in addition to the £15 million being spent on capital resurfacing schemes.

“The plane and patch programme is covering more than 150 different schemes across Buckinghamshire.

“Whilst all this is going on, individual repairs continue to be made to priority defects, including reported potholes, to keep the highway safe.

"I'm sure that our residents will appreciate that whilst we’d like to treat all roads, our budget doesn’t stretch that far - but I am confident that they will soon start to notice the difference”.

Areas with large number of potholes in one area will be prioritised for plane and patch schemes.