A four-year-old from Iver has become the UK's second youngest member of Mensa after achieving an IQ score of 140.

Alannah George was born in August 2014 and spoke her first words at just seven months old. The average IQ is 100 and typically around 60 per cent of the population score between 85 and 115.

Alannah is "obsessed" with both numbers and words and taught herself how to read before attending her first school lesson.

Last month she was assessed by top educational psychologist, Dr Peter Congdon, who said Alannah is an "intellectual genius".

Allanah’s mother, Nadine, said: "It's exciting and overwhelming. I want to make sure she achieves her potential and manages to perform to the best of her ability

"She is so young, but she lives and breathes academia. It was a scary realisation when we got the results about how clever she is. Alannah was always very alert as a child. We never taught her how to read she just did it on her own.

"She is clearly special, but we just don't know what her potential could be."

Nadine is confident her super-smart daughter has a bright future ahead of her and is determined to support Alannah to achieve her potential.

One worry for both Dr Peter Congdon and Nadine, is that due to her higher intelligence, Alannah could become "bored" by lessons aimed at regular four-year-olds.

In Mr Congdon’s report, he wrote that: "Alannah will benefit from being challenged and stretched in the school situation otherwise she may become prone to boredom, frustration and under-achieved."

Alannah will start academic education in September, when she joins year one at St George's School.